Contact Lenses in Dixon, IL

If you hate how you look like in contact lenses, or you have a profession where glasses are inconvenient, contact lenses are a very affordable alternative to eyeglasses. If you'd like to get this alternative, just stop by the optometry office of Nelson Kurt K OD and we'll assist you.

Large Range of Contact Lenses

When it comes to contact lenses, contrary to popular belief, they are definitely not one size fits all. If you've tried them before and disliked it, it may be because you had the wrong type. Let us help you determine the most comfortable one for you and you'll see a world of difference.

Reduce Glare

Another reason why you should get contact lenses is to reduce glare, especially if you work outside in the sun or inside on a computer all day. Glare from light can cause headaches, so by wearing contact lenses, you can reduce a lot of your daily pain.

Easy Reordering

If you can never remember when to reorder contact lenses, you won't have a think to worry about with us. We offer easy reordering of contact lenses for your convenience. You'll never have to reach into another contact lenses box, only to find it empty!
Order some contact lenses today: (815) 284-6866
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